My name is Beaumon Day and welcome to my site!  Like many of you, I love the mountains.  My childhood room was an extension of the outdoors with pictures of wildlife and collections of feathers, rocks, and other treasures.  During that time when I was much younger, my older brother and I would fill up disposable cameras with pictures of eagles, pheasants or deer that would all be tiny dots in the photo you'd have to squint to see once our mom developed the film. haha! After a family vacation to Jackson Hole and stopping at Thomas D. Manglesen's gallery I wanted to be a wildlife photographer and that was what I would tell people I wanted to be when I grew up.  Years went by and I never upgraded from the disposable cameras or got more into it.  It wasn't until recently that I picked up a camera again and discovered how much I love nature and wildlife photography. The solace, peace, fresh air, and happiness I experience in the mountains has made it my outlet and the place my mind always wanders back to.  To me, the mountains are a great teacher and where I have learned much about myself and life.   Rekindling wildlife photography has even deepened my love and respect for our wild places, the critters that call it home and all of God's creations.  It has made me more in tune with the details, the interactions of light and shadows, the patterns and shapes, and the life with everything else that make up the natural world.   Through photography, I am able to express myself by capturing a fleeting moment that can never be reproduced or experienced again and share it others.  I hope you'll join me on this awesome journey through my photos.  Drop me a line on the "Contact" page or you can reach me easily on my Facebook and Instagram Page anytime.  Thanks so much for your support!          

Photos by Chris Bunker